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Executive Search

We deliver both local and global searches all over the world, and are currently hiring in the UK, Middle East, US, and Mainland Europe

Highly experienced and networked Consultants

Our team of highly experienced and networked Consultants have a wealth of knowledge of your industry, and they will work closely with you to identify outstanding leadership talent. By ensuring that we understand your organisation, culture, structure and ambition, we will provide intelligent advice and help you by identifying solutions that might not otherwise be obvious.

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In addition to securing high performing talent, Loxwood Moore takes pride in adding long term value for our clients in relation to human capital, by identifying and nurturing incumbent talent. Our Partners devise and deliver bespoke solutions that include psychometric testing, assessment centres and professional coaching programmes.

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Tailored executive search

We support our clients’ ongoing success by pursuing and securing outstanding leadership talent when traditional methods need complementing by a proactive and creative approach. We have clients’ long-term objectives at the forefront of our minds, and we facilitate appointments through collaborative working practices. Loxwood Moore produces value for money by resourcing the difficult appointments that other recruiters tend to shy away from, or fail to deliver.

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Managing conflicts of interest

Due to the size and nature of our business Loxwood Moore has fewer ‘off limits sites’ than most of our competitors in the executive search market. This means that we can search a wider target audience to find the best person the market has to offer, rather than the most convenient or accessible. We are also able to demonstrate our ability to identify and hire diverse talent, with multiple references and robust policies outlining our commitment to this most important of subjects.

Sectors & Case Studies

Our reach

Based from the UK, Loxwood Moore is a global executive search consultancy. We operate through our worldwide network which has been developed over the past thirty years, sourcing from talent pools which help us identify both local experts and internationally mobile ex-patriots. Upon request we can provide testimonials for successfully delivered searches in the following regions or countries – UK and Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, US, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and South Africa.