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Our Process

Loxwood Moore and its Consultants are forensic when searching and securing the best talent a market has to offer

We draw on our domain and sector expertise, and utilise leading technologies to help us identify potential from all types of backgrounds. We need to make sure we truly understand the strategic objective of any hire, as well as the nuances of our clients’ businesses in order to maximise the chance of success. Our commitment to the service we deliver is as important as the way in which we operate, and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Consult, understand and collaborate

Listening and understanding takes place from the very first meeting, ensuring that the search process is built upon solid foundations. In addition to producing the standard job and person specifications, Loxwood Moore consults with our clients to ensure that we understand the reason for hiring, the job holder’s performance criteria and any challenges or restricting factors relating to the search. We guarantee a full understanding of the business profile and values, the specific position requirements and the desired personality traits of the successful candidate. We align our candidate pitch to our clients’ specific requirements, and therefore become an extension of their recruitment function.

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Plan and devise the delivery strategy

Following a full understanding of our client’s business need, gained through collaborative and consultative dialogue, we formulate a detailed service level agreement that includes an achievable strategy with agreed timescales. We consider the geographical requirements and determine whether the target candidate can be found locally, nationally or internationally. We implement a structured process to identify and robustly assess the best candidates who possess the desired skills, knowledge, aptitude and experience.

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Deliver results

We engage and evaluate the defined target pool, and this results in a qualified shortlist of individuals that meet the entire criteria of the role. We attract a high percentage of our targets to the opportunity by identifying individual’s motivators and selling our customer as the employer of choice. During this selection process we also eliminate those who are not suitable for the position. Every candidate generated for the position mandated will be scrutinised during a competency-based interview, as well as a psychometric test if appropriate. At this stage, Loxwood Moore will further sell the opportunity to ensure candidate retention. Following their interview with our client, we will then conduct candidate and client interview debriefings prior to offer negotiation. The preferred candidate will receive resignation coaching throughout the process which results in a high success rate for our clients. We conclude our process by on-boarding of the appointed candidate, producing an experience survey with our client and forwarding a formal written report that includes analytical data and a market condition overview.

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