Business is changing fast in the industrial space, regardless of sector, and there’s likely to be little reprieve in the disruption. Clients need transformational business leaders to steer a course through their options, enabling them to remain competitive while still preserving margins. We work with a variety of clients that fall under the broad definition of the industrial sector, and we help secure leadership resource that will add value in the following areas:

  • Seize opportunities from digital, IoT, AI and robotics automation.
  • Target their investment, so that operations and their supply chain are efficient.
  • Strategise, innovate and introduce new technology.
  • Collaborate on new business models, keep costs down and increase revenue.
  • Deliver streamlined production and processes.
  • Make products more sustainable and pinpoint production bottlenecks.

Industry encompasses a vast array of commercial activities, and companies range from large publicly quoted multi-national corporations, through to private equity (PE) backed technology start-ups. Our industrial practice is broad, and concentrates on securing leadership talent across markets which include:

  • Manufacturing, Process and Automotive.
  • Aerospace and Defence.
  • Facilities Maintenance.
  • Oil and Gas.

Case study

Job title: Sales Director, UK based international manufacturer

Our client is a market leader in their chosen field and has been built as well as maintained by an unshakeable commitment to innovation, consumer understanding, environmental awareness, great customer service and integrity. Their manufacturing facilities operate through a global network 24/7/365 to ensure supply chain efficiency as well as outstanding service for customers.

Loxwood Moore was contracted to appoint to a Sales Director responsible for crafting national and international sales plans, to supervise Regional Sales Managers, and to lead and mentor large teams to deliver high target outcomes. Our mandate was to look broad and wide across several industrial sectors, ensuring the cultural fit and leadership style to suit this company that has a niche product line.

Other case studies

  • Global VP Manufacturing and SHE, global engineering and materials player.
  • General Manager UK, tier one highways contractor with a bitumen manufacturing facility.
  • Director of Products, UK based polymers manufacturer.

Other testimonials available upon request.