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Interim Solutions

Addressing short term resource challenges with the use of interims and contractors

Today’s businesses and major programmes sometimes need flexible staffing solutions that are agile and adaptable to their requirements. We find interim professionals who can be rapidly deployed to a company or a project where they work as independent contractors fulfilling specific roles.

Strategic interim solutions

Our interim and contract recruitment practice helps clients solve problems that are generally caused by a shortage of appropriately skilled and experienced resource, often during times of transition, crisis or change. Loxwood Moore aims to appoint people who will fix issues and fill significant gaps at short notice. The interim worker will remain with the client organisation only for as long as the objectives of the appointment are required, and we therefore provide workforce flexibility without the need for hiring someone on a permanent basis.

Sectors & Case Studies

Our customers often require interims for the following scenarios:

  • Programme and project implementation: If the capacity doesn’t exist in your current workforce, we can provide a highly experienced specialist, often at short notice, to either lead a bid or implement a contract.
  • Change and transformation: A fresh perspective is invaluable for any business change, and Interim Managers are fully open-minded and have extensive experience in transforming businesses for the better.
  • Short-term senior level cover: Interims are crucial for filling short-term gaps in senior management or leadership, all the way up to board level. If a critical member of staff takes time off work, or moves on at short notice, a highly experienced Interim can be parachuted in to keep the business running smoothly until a permanent solution is found.
Sectors & Case Studies

Case Study