Digital is not ways easy to explain as it means different things to different people, however it does impact every business in all sectors. There are significant productivity gains to be made through digital, but this requires a change to how companies operate. Solutions have to be customer centric, and to survive and prosper companies have to sell through a variety of channels. Leadership has to manage the tensions between the business of today and the business of the future for new digital solutions to be implemented, and people need to embrace change to keep pace with the fast-moving new digital world.

Digital can include a wide and increasing array of technologies, including but not limited to blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, custom manufacturing, 3D printing, IoT, connected devices, robots and drones. At Loxwood Moore we have been supporting clients through the introduction of change agents, transformation programme, sales directors and strategies across a broad portfolio of sectors. We possess connectivity with consultants, engineering companies and technology houses to ensure search mandates are delivered with diverse shortlists.

Case study

Job title: Vice President Digital and AI

Our client is a leading multinational engineering consultancy that was seeking to employ a talented executive with general management, digital, commercial and operational experience in the rail, property, technology and energy sectors. The hired candidate possesses passion for customers challenges and works to achieve transformational outcomes through the introduction of new tools, robust processes and data analytics. Our client was seeking to hire someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, who can transcend across both small and large businesses.  We successfully delivered this objective and found someone able to drive a strategic vision while creating profitable bottom-line growth. Other key aspects of this role included:

  • Ability to commercialise the application of technology to create new business opportunities and mitigate business risk through digitalisation.
  • Restructure, and recruit diverse commercial talent from technology companies to create new teams.
  • Working with PLC Boards and Global CEOs to agree on business lines, and to drive global focus areas for technology.
  • Deliver sales for new outcome-based propositions, harnessing data, technology and engineering insights through new business models, delivering high margins.

Other case studies

  • BD and Transformation Director (Digital Strategy), global technology led contractor.
  • Sales and Marketing Director, international consultancy servicing the transportation sector.

Other testimonials available upon request.